1. Padley Gorge, Peak District, Derbyshire, UK

    About an hours drive from where i live is the Peak district, this is Padley gorge which is part of the National Trust Longshaw estate, its an ancient woodland that is pretty spectacular and a great place to relax, cant believe i haven’t visited more often….

    Fuji X100s… the way it makes you feel

    So i’ve been using this camera for almost a couple of months now, i can honestly say i have no regrets selling my Nikon gear to buy it, i couldn’t afford to keep both so i had to make a decision whether or not to ditch the DSLR life, i was a little worried that being restricted to the 35mm FOV would leave me wanting, but it hasn’t, in fact i would say its been quite liberating shooting one focal length, my photos aren’t the best but i honestly believe that i am learning more with this camera than i did in a couple of years shooting a DSLR, and it’s worked really well in all the different shooting situations that i’ve used it… this aint just a street camera.

    One thing i didn’t expect though was how this camera makes me feel, i just want to use it all the time, i just want to take pictures all the time, i’ve never had this with any other camera before, in fact i don’t think i’ve loved an electrical item like this since my sega master system when i was about 8 years old :-)

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