1. Nottingham city centre, UK

  2. Nottingham city centre, UK

  3. Nottingham city centre, UK

  4. Ladybower Reservoir, Peak District, UK

  5. Nottingham University Jubilee Campus

  6. Got some nice pictures during a stroll tonight

  7. first try with lee big stopper, didn’t have my wellies on, so couldn’t get too close :-)

  8. Olympus Trip 35, My first roll of film

    Earlier this year my grandma passed away at the age of 93, as me and my sister were clearing out her house we came across a little Olympus trip 35, now i had previously bought one of these from a car boot sale, but could never get it to work, in fact i think i killed it by taking it apart…. whoops.

    I was pretty excited to find this little camera in working order, because i had wanted to try some film for quite a while, and of course my family have used it for years, so i bought some cheap Fujicolor C200 from my local tesco, and loaded it into the little trip, not expecting too much i just blasted through a roll to see if the camera was still exposing properly, the snaps above are the result.

    Now let me just say, even though i have an emotional attachment to this camera, it is a wonderful experience to shoot with, so simple, but so fun, hopefully i will get many more years use out of it.

  9. A few snaps of my daughters and their 2nd cousin (i think thats right lol) as bridesmaids for their aunties wedding back in April.

  10. I’ve been to this tree lots of times, and the scene always seems different, different weather, different light, different stages of the crop.

    I also like the fact that the tree sits at the top of a hill, giving a nice minimal feel against the sky, plus its really close to where i live so no trekking :-)

  11. A couple of snaps from a walk today, i’ve borrowed a friends 50mm 1.4 for a couple of weeks now, it’s a pretty decent lens, but me being me i want the 1.2L :-)

  12. A picture of my wife at her sisters wedding, i am one lucky dude :-)

  13. Felley Mill Lane Wood, Underwood, Nottinghamshire, UK

  14. I’ve just bought some Pixel King ETTL triggers off eBay, i got them for £40 used (bargain) so was just trying them out with the Canon 6D and 430EXII, got the occasional miss fire (over exposing) when using a shoot through umbrella, but overall pretty happy with them, i can’t grumble for £40 :-)

  15. A couple of snaps from Nottingham, Fuji X-E1 with 18mm f2, OOC PRO.NegHi